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Visual Wisdom brings you the mental models behind successful people and companies in business, entertainment, tech, sports, and more. Good mental models are the operating systems behind successful individuals and organizations.

Not all models are accurate, but some of them are useful, and we can leverage that model from the world's most successful people.

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Who writes Visual Wisdom?

My name is Deepu, and I am obsessed with finding new ideas and mental models. I read hundreds of articles and books to scout for ideas and mental models that can help us understand the world better and find a way to do things better. I combine my background in engineering and passion for design to turn ideas into actionable frameworks and models.

My goal with Visual Wisdom was to teach powerful mental models in an easy to digest format. I believe in the power of visual learning so I created simple visuals to explain each mental model, hence the name “Visual Wisdom”.

I always structure the content with actionable advice so that you can immediately start applying the ideas you learn every week. Visual Wisdom readers expect actionable insights, and my job is to deliver them without fail

What are readers saying?

Aadil is currently a PM at Nike and has worked in companies like Apple and Google. He has been a fan of the newsletter. He says that he is a visual learner and that Visual Wisdom lets him grasp these mental models much better.

Ali is a tech exec and Forbes writer. He hosts a podcast on leadership and is also a leadership coach to Fortune 500 execs and startup founders. Ali has shared that he loves the way the newsletter is structured for easy consumption and maximum value.

Jenny Kim is the Deputy General Counsel & Vice President of Public Policy at Koch companies. She is an avid fan of the newsletter and has always been a great supporter from the beginning. For her, Visual Wisdom helps break down the abstract ideas and mental models into concrete visuals and actionable methods.

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